TRIGON was incorporated in 1997 as a top-notch distribution company for innovative IT and Consumer Electronics. TRIGON employs a dedicated workforce of more than 90 staff, including Sales & Marketing, Retail & Merchandising, IT & Technical, Administrative & Logistics, Accounts & Finance. Through their Expertise, the company has gained edge over competition through profound marketing strategy, well timed sales promotions and unique campaigns. As a result, TRIGON has become the first Distribution company to be awarded ISO 9001:2008.

The successful operation of the company hinges on brillant and effective management; highly dynamic, talented and qualified professionals, and a team of sales & marketing managers. They have helped to form strong alliances with Channel Dealers, Retails Sales, Corporate Clients and Exporters. This has made TRIGON a key player in the distribution of IT and Consumer Electronics in the GCC, Asia, Eastern Europe & African markets.

For any feedback or comment, please write to us at info@trigon-gulf.ae